How to Use the Sad Crying Face Filter on TikTok


Follow these steps to get the Sad Crying Face filter on your TikTok videos using a custom Snapchat Lens.

How to Use the Sad Crying Face Filter on TikTok

You may have seen people on TikTok posting videos of themselves with sad crying faces. It’s not as depressing as it sounds, as most people are just using a built-in filter. You can achieve this in your own videos by using a face filter from a different social media app. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do it inside TikTok at the moment, but if you’re a Snapchat user as well, there’s an easy solution for you outlined below. Here’s how to use the sad crying face filter on TikTok.

If you don’t already have Snapchat, you can create an account quickly for the sole purpose of creating unique videos to upload onto your TikTok. It’s free to use and is available on Google Play and the App Store. Once you have an account ready to go, you can follow the guide below to find out how to make your own sad crying face videos on TikTok.

How to Use the Sad Crying Face Filter on TikTok

The Sad Crying Face filter is a Snapchat Lens, which means you will need to create your video in Snapchat using the Lens and then upload it to TikTok. 

  1. Open Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Using the Snapchat Camera, long-press the screen to scan the Crying Lens. 
  3. Create your video with the Crying Lens active.
  4. Save the video to your phone.
  5. Open TikTok.
  6. Tap on the Post button.
  7. Tap on Upload.
  8. Choose the video you just made from Snapchat.
  9. Edit and post your video.

To recap, open Snapchat on your mobile device. Log in or create an account, and then go to the Snapchat Camera. To open the Sad Crying Face Lens in Snapchat, you can follow this link or scan the following lens from your Snapchat Camera by long-pressing the screen:

Snapchat Crying Face Lens
Snapchat Crying Face Lens

With the new Sad Crying Face lens active, tap on the record button to make your video. When you’re done recording, tap on the Save button on the bottom left to save it to your phone. After that, you can switch back to your TikTok app, tap on Post, and upload the video you just made. Add music to your video if you want, and then publish it!

That’s how to get the Sad Crying Face effect in TikTok with the help of a Snapchat filter!