How to Save Photoshop as PDF

Are you struggling to find where to save a file as a PDF? Here’s how to save a Photoshop file as PDF.

Save Photoshop as PDF

If you’re new to using Photoshop, some of the menu screens can be really confusing. Even something as simple as saving an image file as a PDF can feel like a hassle. Luckily, doing so is easy as long as you know the steps. This guide will cover how to save images and Photoshop files as PDF files. 

How to Save Photoshop as PDF

To save Photoshop as PDF, go to File>Save As> then select Photoshop PDF in the “Save as type” drop-down menu. Type your filename and click Save.

Here’s how to save an image in Photoshop as a PDF:

  1. Click File
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  2. Click Save As.
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  3. Select Photoshop PDF in the “Save as type” drop-down menu.
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  4. Click Save.
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  5. Click Ok.
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  6. Select the type of PDF you want next to Adobe PDF Preset. Leave the rest of the options alone. 
      1. If saving files for online use, choose [Smallest File Size].
      2. If you are printing the PDF, choose [High-Quality Print]
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF
  7. Click the Save PDF button. 
    How to Save Photoshop as PDF

And there you have it! The above method works for .jpg, .gif, .png, and other standard image formats. It may seem a little confusing, but Adobe wants to give you the most control over your file size and image quality. You can adjust the settings to adjust the quality and filesize you desire. 

If you are prompted to choose a file location, you can save your files on Adobe Cloud or your computer’s hard drive. 


Why can’t I save or export my Photoshop file as a PDF? 

There are a few potential reasons why you might not be able to save your Photoshop file as a PDF. One possibility is that you are trying to save a Photoshop file that is too large or has too many layers to be exported as a PDF. Another possibility is that you do not have the correct permissions set up to save files as PDFs on your computer. Finally, it is also possible that you need to update your version of Photoshop. 

How do I save a poster as a PDF in Photoshop?

To save a poster as a PDF in Photoshop, you will need to first open the poster file in Photoshop. Next, go to File>Save As. In the Save As dialogue box, select PDF from the Format drop-down menu. Finally, choose the location to save your file and click Save

Is a Photoshop PDF the same as a PDF? 

A Photoshop PDF is a specific type of file optimized for use in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop PDFs preserve all the information in your original Photoshop file, including layers, transparency, and annotations. Systems that accept PDFs will accept Photoshop PDFs.   

Where does Adobe Photoshop save files? 

Adobe Photoshop saves files by default to the Documents folder on your computer. However, you can choose to save files to any location on your computer by going to File>Save As and selecting a different location from the Save In drop-down menu. 

What is PSD in Photoshop? 

PSD is the file format used by Adobe Photoshop. PSD files preserve layers, transparency, and other Photoshop features and can be opened and edited in Photoshop. 

Why won’t Photoshop let me save as JPEG? 

There are a few potential reasons why Photoshop might not let you save a file as a JPEG. Your file size could be too big, or there may be too many layers in your image. You may also have to update your Photoshop client. 

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