What Is the Newest Roomba Model? (July 2024)


There are so many Roomba models it can be hard to keep track. Here’s what you need to know about the newest Roomba model.

Roombas are the leading robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. Their dual brush system and Dirt Detect automation can deep-clean dirty carpets and keep them clean for the long run. Additionally, Roombas are some of the most durable pieces of equipment on the market. If you plan on buying a robotic vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the iRobot Roomba. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest Roomba model.

Newest Roomba Model (July 2024)

The newest Roomba model is the Roomba J7. Roombas come in a variety of different models. 

Here are the currently active Roomba models available:

Roomba J7 – Released September 2021 (Newest)

Newest Roomba Model

The newest Roomba model is the Roomba J7. This device was released in September 2021. Using Roomba’s PrecisionVision navigation system, this Roomba can detect and avoid smaller obstacles like power cords and pet waste. With 10x the suction of the 600 series of Roomba, the Roomba J7 is a top-tier robotic vacuum. Like other Roombas, you’re able to schedule cleanings and control your Roomba through your WIFI connection.

Roomba J7+ – Released September 2021

Newest Roomba Model

The Roomba J7+ released the same time as the base Roomba J7. In “Roomba-speak,” the + sign means that the Roomba comes with a Clean Base docking station that automatically empties out the Roomba and can store up to 60 days worth of dust. If you’re looking for the same high-tech features with even greater automation, we’d recommend picking up the J7+.

Roomba i3 EVO – Released September 2020

The Roomba i3 EVO is the re-released version of the Roomba i3 will upgraded software that helps Wi-Fi connectivity. Much like the newest model of Roomba, the i3 EVO has 10x the suction as the Roomba 600 series. The Roombas in the i series use Smart Mapping to determine where to clean. The i series also has voice control capability.

Roomba i3+ EVO – Released September 2020

The Roomba i3+ EVO re-released the same time as the i3 EVO and uses the same technology as the base model. With the added benefit of the Clean Base docking station, you should consider this model if you want to empty out your Roomba less often.

Roomba S9+ – Released May 2019 (Highest Performance)

Before the Roomba J7 is the Roomba S9. The Roomba S9 is the premier Roomba that you can get, even though the J7 and J7+ are technically part of the newer generation, and the price tag reflects that. With a D-shaped frame and Clean Base docking station, the S9+ remains one of the top Roombas available.

Roomba i7+ – Released September 2018

The original Roomba i7 was released in 2018. Roomba has since stopped producing the base model of the i7 but the i7+ is still available. Affordable and powerful, the i7+ has the same dirt disposal system as the other, newer + model of Roomba.

Roomba 694 – Released 2017

The 600 series of Roomba robot actually re-released in 2020, but the 600 series was first developed in 2017. The 600 series uses a more rudimentary tracking system than some of the newer Roomba models, opting for positional sensors rather than the smart sensor technology you’ll find in models like the i3 EVO or J7.

Roomba 692 – Released 2017

The 692 series also has the old-style brushes over the new rubber fabricated brushes, which are less effective. All of the 600 series of Roombas are very similar in design, and are meant to be a lower-cost but still very viable option for your robotic vacuum needs.

Roomba 614 – Released 2017

There are so many Roomba models, it's hard keeping track. Here's the newest Roomba model you can get online right now.

The most affordable model is the Roomba 614. With simplistic sensors and decent suction, even though it’s the most budget model of them all, is still a great way to keep your house clean without manually cleaning.

When will the next Roomba model release be? 

Roomba is constantly improving upon their technology and creating newer models for your home use. We’ll keep this post updated with any updates we hear from Roomba on the next upcoming model of home robot vacuum cleaners.

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