What is The Newest Amazon Fire Tablet? (July 2024)

Are you thinking about getting a new tablet? You should consider the newest Amazon Fire Tablet. See below for the newest model.

Newest Amazon Fire Tablet

Formally known as the Kindle Fire, the Amazon Fire Tablet is a small device with a strong computing power. Originally released in 2011, the device has a touch-screen display and uses a custom Android Operating system called Fire OS. Throughout the years, newer models have been created and older models have been phased out completely. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest Amazon Fire Tablet. 

Newest Amazon Fire Tablet (July 2024)

The newest Amazon Fire Tablet is the Fire 7. The Amazon Fire Tablet comes in a few different models. 

Here are the currently active Amazon Fire Tablets available:

Fire 7 – Released 2022 (newest)

Newest Amazon Fire Tablet 7, 12th generation

As part of the 12th generation of tablets, Amazon re-released the Amazon Fire 7. The Amazon Fire 7 was released in June of 2022. Listening to the demands from consumers, Amazon reduced the screen size to 7” and has a 16GB or 32GB of options for storage. With a quad-core 2.0Ghz processor, it has as much power as the Fire HD 10 in a much smaller package.

Fire 7 Kids – Released 2022

Newest Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Released with the adult version of the Amazon Fire Tablet, the Fire 7 Kids Tablet has the processing power of a Fire 7 in a much more durable frame. The 12th generation of tablets has a 30% faster quad-core processor compared to the 9th generation models of the same name. The Kids version also comes with a 1 year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

Fire HD 10 – Released 2021

Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10

The Fire HD 10 was the newest model of Amazon Fire Tablet before the Amazon Fire 7. It was released in 2021 and is part of the 11th generation of Fire Tablets. With wireless charging, brighter display, and larger screen–it is the premium Amazon Fire Tablet on the market. There is an option for a 32GB and 64GB models with an option to increase storage via a MicroSD slot.

Fire HD 10 Productivity – Released 2021

Fire HD 10 Productivity

The Fire HD 10 Productivity released along with the Fire HD 10 and is very similar in terms of processing speed and hardware. It was released in 2021 and is part of the 11th generation of Fire Tablets. The main difference between the two is that the Productivity comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. If you plan on working on word documents and hate the on-screen display, this is the option for you.

Fire HD 10 Kids – Released 2021

Fire HD 10 Kids

Released with the adult versions of the tablet, the Fire HD 10 Kids has the biggest screen ever in terms of the children-oriented model of the Amazon Fire Tablet. In addition to a strong, durable frame, the HD 10 Kids Tablet also has better parental controls within the same strong computing power.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro – Released 2021

Released with the base model Fire HD 10 Kids in 2021, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is made for slightly older kids ages 6-12 and features a sleeker and slimmer design. The hardware is just as good as other 11th generation Amazon Fire Tablets.

Fire HD 8 – Released 2020

Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet released as part of the 10th generation of tablets in 2020. It has a quad-core 2.0GHz processor with 2 GB of Ram. Equipped with both a rear and front facing camera, as well as HD quality video–it’s a great deal for the price.

Fire HD 8 Kids – Released 2020

Fire HD 8 Kids

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet released with the adult version in 2020. With the same processing speed as the adult version, the Fire HD 8 comes with a more durable casing that can prevent it from breaking. Much like the newer models, the Kids version also comes with stronger parental controls.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro – Released 2020

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is the upgraded version of the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet and comes with an eBook store and subscription to Amazon Kids+. It released the same time as the other 10th generation models in 2020.

Fire 7 Kids Pro – Released 2019

Fire 7 Kids Pro

The Fire 7 Kids Pro version has a much sleeker and slimmer protective casing than the regular Fire 7 Kids Tablet. It was released in 2019 with the rest of the generation 9 tablets. This tablet, however, did not get an improved re-released like the Fire 7 Kids and Fire 7 tablet did.

When will the next Amazon Fire Tablet release be? 

Amazon just released the generation 12 tablets in 2022, so it will probably be some time before they announce the release of the generation 13 tablets. There may be other iterations of the 12th generation tablet that will be produced, and we’ll keep you up to date in this article.

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