How to Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix


If you want to watch Better Call Saul on Netflix, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix
Better Call Saul (AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

Better Call Saul is the Emmy-nominated prequel to Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad. The show follows Jimmy McGill’s transformation into the not-so-ethical Saul Goodman, and his journey from low-level attorney to the notorious criminal defense attorney everyone loves to hate. Fans of the show might be wondering how to watch Better Call Saul on Netflix, the world’s number one streaming service.

Luckily, Better Call Saul is available on Netflix at the time of writing, but if you’re not familiar with the service or you’re having some trouble finding it, we’ve got everything you need to know down below.

How to Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix

Netflix subscribers can watch seasons one through five of Better Call Saul from 38 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Brazil. Visit the Better Call Saul title page on Netflix or search for “Better Call Saul” on the Netflix app to watch it on your computer, mobile device, Roku, or other supported streaming devices.

Here’s a list of all of the Better Call Saul Episodes on Netflix:

Better Call Saul Season 1

  • Uno
  • Mijo
  • Nacho
  • Hero
  • Alpine Shepherd Boy
  • Five-O
  • Bingo
  • Rico
  • Pimento
  • Marco

Better Call Saul Season 2

  1. Switch
  2. Cobbler
  3. Amarillo
  4. Gloves Off
  5. Rebecca
  6. Bali Ha’i
  7. Inflatable
  8. Fifi
  9. Nailed
  10. Klick

Better Call Saul Season 3

  1. Mabel
  2. Witness
  3. Sunk Costs
  4. Sabrosito
  5. Chicanery
  6. Off Brand
  7. Expenses
  8. Slip
  9. Fall
  10. Lantern

Better Call Saul Season 4

  1. Smoke
  2. Breathe
  3. Something Beautiful
  4. Talk
  5. Quite a Ride
  6. Pinata
  7. Something Stupid
  8. Coushatta
  9. Wiedersehen
  10. Winner

Better Call Saul Season 5

  1. Magic Man
  2. 50% Off
  3. The Guy For This
  4. Namaste
  5. Dedicado a Max
  6. Wexler v. Goodman
  7. JMM
  8. Bagman
  9. Bad Choice Road
  10. Something Unforgivable

Is Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix?

Netflix Subscribers who live outside of the United States can watch Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix beginning on April 19. Episodes will be released weekly until May 24, at which point the show goes on a seven-week break. The season resumes with the eighth episode releasing on July 12 and will continue with its one episode per week schedule until the season closes out in August. Residents in the United States can watch Better Call Saul Season 6 episodes on AMC+ or wait for the season to be added to Netflix in 2023.