How to Use SumIF in Excel


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the SUMIF function in Excel to selectively add data together.

How to Use SumIF in Excel

If you only want to add together a range of values that meet specific criteria, the SUMIF function in Excel is what you’ll want to use. The function has three parameters: a range of cells, the criteria to determine which cells to add together, and the actual cells to add together. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the SUMIF function in Excel, along with a real example so you can follow along.

How to Use SumIF in Excel

To use the SumIF function in Excel:

  1. Open an Excel document containing the data on which you want to use SUMIF.
  2. In an empty cell, start by typing =SUMIF(
  3. For the first parameter, highlight the range of cells tested against to see if they meet the criteria.
  4. For the second parameter, enter the criteria as either a value or reference to a cell containing a value.
  5. The third parameter should be the range of cells you want to add together if the criteria are met.
  6. Close out the function with a closing parenthesis, and hit Enter.


How do you use Sumif step by step?

The SUMIF function in Excel allows you to sum the values in a range of cells that meet given criteria. For example, you could use the SUMIF function to sum the values in a range of cells greater than 500. To use the SUMIF function, select the cell where you want the sum to appear. Type =SUMIF( and select the range of cells that you want to sum. Enter the criteria that you want to use to sum the values. Next, select the data you want to add up if all criteria are met, and press Enter.

How do I do a Sumif with multiple criteria?

To do a SUMIF with multiple criteria, you can use the SUMIFS function. This function allows you to specify multiple criteria to be used in the sumif.

How does Sumifs formula work?

The SUMIFS function works by allowing you to sum the values in a range that meet multiple criteria. The function uses the following syntax: SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], …).

What is the purpose of Sumif function in MS Excel?

The SUMIF function in Excel is used to add values in a range that meets specific criteria.

Why is Sumifs not working?

There are a few potential reasons why the SUMIFS function might not be working as expected. First, the syntax of the function may be incorrect. Make sure that all the arguments are enclosed in parentheses and that there is a comma between each argument.

Second, the cell references in the function may be incorrect. Check that the cells referenced are in the correct order and in the same order as the range references in the function. The function will also not work if it is nested inside another function. This can sometimes cause problems with calculation. Try moving the SUMIFS function outside of any other functions.

Lastly, you may be trying to use the function on a protected worksheet. Some functions, including SUMIFS, will not work on protected worksheets.

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