How to Uninstall Apps on PS4


Trying to free up space on that PlayStation 4? You should uninstall some apps. Here’s how you can uninstall apps on PS4.

How to Uninstall Apps on PS4

Are you trying to clear up space on your PS4? Uninstalling unneeded or unwanted apps is a great way to do it. Uninstalling apps on the PS4 is a breeze and will literally take you no longer than 2 minutes. Continue reading for a super straightforward guide. 

How to Uninstall Apps on PS4

To uninstall apps on PS4:

  1. Go to your PlayStation Home Screen
  2. Navigate to the app you want to delete. 
  3. Press the Options button on your PlayStation controller. 
  4. Hit Delete

Alternatively, you can go to your Library and scroll down to Applications if you want just to see your applications on the PlayStation 4. 

And there you have it! That’s the quick and straightforward way to uninstall apps on PS4. 


How do I delete a game from my PS4 app? 

Scroll to the game you want to delete, press the Options button, then hit delete.   

Does deleting apps on PS4 delete saved data? 

Deleting an app from your PS4 will not delete any saved data. 

How do I free up storage space on my PS4? 

There are a few ways to free up storage space on your PS4.

  • Delete unused apps and games
  • Uninstall apps and games
  • Move apps and games to an external storage device  

Why can’t I uninstall apps? 

If you cannot uninstall an app, it may be because it is a system app that cannot be uninstalled. 

Why does my PS4 say it doesn’t have enough storage? 

If your PS4 says it doesn’t have enough storage, it may be because the system is full. You can free up storage space by deleting unused apps and games, uninstalling apps and games, and moving apps and games to an external storage device.

We hope this guide helped you uninstall your unwanted PS4 apps.

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