How to Crop in OBS Studio


OBS Studio has tons of filters, features, and settings. One specific feature people look to do in OBS is to crop their scenes. Luckily cropping a scene is very simple in OBS. In the following example, we will crop a portion of our desktop away.

How to Crop in OBS Studio

Open up your OBS and make sure you have a scene and source set.

  1. Select Your Scene.

    Click into your scene until you see the red border around it.OBS Crop

  2. ALT Click the Border

    Move your mouse to one of the border anchors, hold down the ALT key, and click to move the border. You will see that the border turns green. That’s how you know you are in crop mode.OBS Alt Click

  3. Crop and Reposition

    Use the previous method on all the border you will like to crop. The border will remain green if it was cropped. Then you can adjust your scene by expanding it or moving it to the desired location.

That’s all there is to cropping scenes in OBS Studio. You can repeat this process for multiple scenes and overlay them if you like.