How to Clear Chat in Discord


Discord constantly gets updated with new features and bug fixes. However, a few features have been routinely requested by users and have yet to be added to the current build of the application. One such feature is the ability to bulk delete or clear a chat in a discord channel. Although this much-requested feature is not available, there are a few workarounds we can use to get the job done. Let’s take a look at three different ways on how to clear chat in Discord.

How to Clear Chat in Discord

Until Discord gives us an easy “Clear” button to clear a chat, we will have to use some workarounds. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. 

Method #1 – Clone and Delete

This is probably the easiest method out of the three but may not be ideal depending on your use case. The process is simple, you clone your channel and then delete the original. This will effectively clear the chat log. 

However, please be aware that any bots added to the old channel will not be copied over. In that respect, it isn’t an identical clone. 

  1. Right-click your channel to be cloned and click “Clone Channel
Clear Chat Discord
  1. Right-click your original channel and click “Delete Channel”
Discord Delete Channel
  1. Re-add any Bots from the old channel and rename if you like.

Method #2 – Use a Bot

Another method to clear chat in Discord is to use a bot. There are tons of bots that you could use, but at the moment MEE6 is the current leader. This bot has the most users and most support. MEE6 also has tons of other features besides just clearing the chat. Let’s take a look at how to use it. 

  1. Go to the MEE6 site and click Add to Discord
MEE6 Add Discord
  1. Follow the prompts to add the bot to your server
  2. Entire the channel you would like to clear and type “!clear 1000
MEE6 Delete Messages

The “!clear 1000” command will clear the last 1000 messages. You can change the number to any amount of messages you like below 1000. You can also delete the last 100 messages from a particular user if you use “!clear @username

Method #3 – Manually Delete

The last and frankly worst method to clear chat in Discord is manually deleting the posts. Manually deleting might be ok if you have just a few posts in the channel, but if you need to clear hundreds of messages, this method is long and tedious. 

  1. Open the channel you would like to clear.
  2. Right Click on the last message in the channel and hit “Delete”
Clear Chat Discord Manually
  1. Go through and repeat for each message.

As you can see, this is not an ideal method for deleting bulk messages but is still helpful in some cases. 

Now you know How to clear chat in Discord. Those are three simple methods you can use but keep an eye out for future Discord updates that could bring this much-requested feature into the fold.