How to Change Age on Discord


Looking to change your age on Discord? Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do it!

How to Change Age on Discord

If you accidentally set your age wrong in Discord, you might be scrambling to find the options to alter it. Unfortunately, there is no place inside your profile where you can edit your age. However, there are ways to get around this. Continue reading to learn how to change your age on Discord

When you enter an NSFW channel, you’ll be automatically prompted to enter your birthdate. This is how Discord gets your age. Make sure to pay attention and enter the correct age so you can avoid this issue in the future. Discord added these features to protect minors from potentially harmful content, so you should only change your age if you accidentally entered it in the first place. 

How to Change Age on Discord

To change your age on Discord, you’ll need to submit an official request with your ID to Discord or create a new account. See below for step-by-step instructions for both methods. 

Method 1: Contacting Discord Directly to Change Age on Discord

To contact Discord directly to request for your age to be changed: 

  1. Visit the Submit a Request Discord Page
  2. Under What can we help you with? select Trust & Safety
  3. Under How can we help? select Appeals, age update, other questions.
  4. Select Update my age information in the new dropdown. 
  5. Enter your new birthdate. 
  6. Attach a photo ID that has your age of birth and a piece of paper with your full username, including the digits following your username. 

The image that you attach should all be in one image. After you submit the request, you’ll receive a determination to your Discord email.

Method 2: Creating a New Discord Account

If you don’t feel like going through putting in your ID or official request, and you’re not tied to your account, you can always just create a new profile instead. 

To create a new Discord account: 

  1. Visit the Discord Registration Page
  2. If you are automatically logged in, click ⚙️Settings in Discord, then click Log Out
  1. Click the Register link on the registration page. 
  1. Enter a new username, birthdate, and password, and use a different email address. 
  2. Click the Continue button. 

And there you go! Now you know how you can change your age in Discord. 


Can you fake your age on Discord?

It’s technically possible to fake your age on Discord, but not recommended. If you are caught trying to pass yourself off as a minor, you could be banned from the platform. In addition, lying about your age is generally not a good idea. If you are trying to connect with people who are outside of your age range, you will likely have trouble maintaining those relationships.

What’s the age limit for Discord?

Discord is designed for users ages 13 and up.

Why does Discord ask for my age?

It helps Discord keep its community safe and secure by ensuring that everyone is of legal age and the content users are viewing is appropriate.

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