How to Add a Transition in Premiere


Learn how to add a simple transition between clips in Adobe Premiere, and where to find additional transitions from the Effects menu.

How to Add a Transition in Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the most powerful pieces of video editing software on the market. With all its features, it may seem intimidating at first, but many things are simple to do once you learn the basics. This guide will show you two different ways to add a transition between clips in Adobe Premiere.

How to Add a Transition in Premiere

To add a transition in Adobe Premiere:

  1. Zoom in on the layer you’d like to add a transition to by dragging the timeline bar to the left.
  2. Press V to select the Selection Tool.
  3. Right-click on the edge of a video clip.
  4. Select Apply Default Transition to add a Cross Dissolve.
    Adobe Premiere - Apply Default Transitions
  5. Hover over the edge of the Cross Dissolve and drag it to adjust the transition’s duration.

Note that the “Apply Default Transition” functionality needs some additional frames to apply the transition. If you’re applying a transition to a clip that has not been trimmed, you may run into an error that says, “Insufficient media. This transition will contain repeated frames.” Now, you may be okay with this, in which case you can press OK. In this scenario, you might want to also apply a default transition to the beginning of the following clip to ensure a smooth transition.

However, there are additional ways to add a transition between clips in Adobe Premiere. Maybe you don’t want a “Dissolve” transition. 

To see additional transition effects in Adobe Premiere:

  1. Go to the Window menu on the top bar, and select Effects.
  2. Look in the Effects panel on the left side of Premiere, and expand the Video Transitions panel.
  3. Browse through those to find one you want to use.
  4. When you find one you like, drag it onto the cut between the two clips (where you want the transition).

And there you go, two easy ways to add a Default Transition (Dissolve) and where to find more transitions in Adobe Premiere.


How do you add a transition in Premiere Pro?

To add a transition in Premiere Pro, you can right-click the end or beginning of a clip and choose Apply Default Transition. Another way to add a transition is to look in the Effects panel, locate the effect you want to add, and drag it to the Timeline panel.

How do I add transitions to all clips in Premiere?

To add a transition to all clips at once, first, select all the clips you want to affect. Then, right-click on one of the selected clips and choose “Apply Default Transitions to Selection” from the menu that appears.

How do you add transitions to a clip?

There are a few ways to add transitions to a clip. One way is to right-click on the clip in the timeline and select “Add Transition.” Another way is to drag a transition from the library onto the clip.

Why can’t I add video transitions in Premiere Pro?

There are a few reasons you might not be able to add video transitions in Premiere Pro. One reason could be that your project settings don’t match the settings of the footage you’re trying to add the transition to. Another reason could be the footage you’re trying to add the transition to is already trimmed too close to the beginning or end of the clip, and adding a transition would cause the trimmed portion to be cut off.

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