How to Flip Camera in OBS


Confused by OBS? You’re not alone. If you want to know how to flip your camera in OBS, this article will show you the easy way to do it.

Flip Camera in OBS

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio is an excellent open-source application that enables content creators to stream to their favorite platforms like Twitch and YouTube. You might have noticed that certain things, like your webcam, are mirrored on stream, making stuff like words appear backward. If you want to change that, you can flip your scene. Here’s a quick guide on how to flip your camera in OBS. 

How to Flip Camera in Obs

To flip your camera in OBS: 

  1. Open OBS
  2. Right-click your Video Capture Device
  3. Hover over Transform
  4. Click Flip Horizontally
    Flip Camera in OBS
  5. Click Flip Vertically to make your camera look upside down. 

But what if you want to flip multiple scenes all at once? Well, the solution to that is also reasonably easy. Keep reading to learn how. 

How to Flip Multiple Scenes

To flip multiple scenes: 

  1. Select the scenes you wish to flip. You can select more than one by holding the Shift or CTRL keys. 
  2. Right-click the selected scenes and hover over Add
  3. Click Group
  1. Name your Group.
  2. Right-click the Group for your scenes. 
  3. Go to Transform>Flip Horizontally
Flip Camera in OBS

And there you have it! Now you know how to flip a single camera scene in OBS or flip a group of scenes in OBS. As a bonus, you also learn how to create groups in OBS. 


How do I flip my webcam in Streamlabs OBS?

Flipping your camera in Streamlabs OBS is the same as flipping it in regular OBS. To flip your webcam in Stremlabs OBS, right-click the scene you want to flip and go to Transform>Flip Horizontally.

How do you unflip on OBS?

To unflip your camera in OBS, simply go to Transform>Flip Horizontally again and it will revert back to the original orientation.

Why are cameras mirrored?

Many cameras are mirrored because you are used to seeing your reflection, aka, a mirrored image of yourself. To most people, not having a mirrored image would make their pictures seem strange.

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