How to Delete Subreddit


Regret making or modding a subreddit? Keep reading to learn how to delete subreddit, even if you’re not in charge of the subreddit.

If you’re tired of modding a subreddit you created, we get it–you probably want it gone forever. While Reddit usually doesn’t allow you to delete subreddits, there are specific circumstances where you can delete a subreddit. Continue reading this guide to learn more. 

The primary way you can get a subreddit deleted is if it violates the Reddit terms of service. It could be because the subreddit contains malicious software, promotes fraud, or violates the law somehow. If your subreddit is out-of-hand, you can report it and get it removed. 

Otherwise, you’re stuck with the subreddit there, but you can remove yourself as moderator and stop associating yourself with the subreddit. Another thing to do if you created the subreddit is to delete your account, so there is no connection between you and the subreddit. 

Deleting a Subreddit

Here’s how to delete a subreddit: 

  1. Determine how the subreddit violates the Terms of Service. 
  2. Visit the Reddit Request Page
  3. Under “What do you need assistance with?” select I need help with a subreddit.
  4. Fill out the form and explain why you want the subreddit removed. 
  5. Submit your request and wait to hear from Reddit. 

And there you go! That is the best way to delete a subreddit on Reddit. There have been several subreddits over the years that have been removed for malicious or inappropriate content. 

If this doesn’t work, you can still remove any association with the subreddit by unmodding yourself and creating a new account. Continue reading to learn how. 

Removing Yourself as a Mod on a Subreddit

Here’s how to remove yourself as mod of a subreddit:

  1. Visit the subreddit. 
  2. Click the Mod Tools button.
  3. Click Moderators
  4. Hit the Editable tab. 
  5. Click the three dots. 
  6. Click Remove

You have now successfully removed yourself as moderator. You’ll no longer be associated with the subreddit, unless you created it.

The subreddit will still exist, but you won’t see it under the Moderating tab in your profile. If you created the subreddit, your username would always be associated with the subreddit unless you delete your account and create a new one.