How to Delete Clips on Twitch App


Got some embarrassing Twitch clips? This article will show you how to delete clips on the Twitch app for your mobile device.

How to Delete Clips on Twitch App

If you’re a Twitch user, you know that sometimes you need to delete a clip. Maybe it’s an old clip you no longer want on your channel, or you want to clean up your channel. Perhaps you did something embarrassing on stream, and everyone clipped it. Regardless of what kind of clip it is on Twitch, it’s easy to delete a clip on the Twitch app. Continue reading to learn how.

How to Delete Clips on Twitch App

To delete clips on the Twitch App:

  1. Open the App.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Creator Dashboard.
  4. Tap the ≡ icon on the top left of the screen.
  5. Hit Content.
  6. Tap Clips.
  7. Tick the boxes beside the clips you want to delete.
  8. Tap Delete Selected.
  9. Tap Delete.

Inside of the Clips section on Twitch, you have the choice to view “Clips of My Channel” and “Clips I’ve Created.” To view either type of clip, tap the tabs at the top of the Clips screen.

How to Delete Clips on Twitch Mobile


How do you delete twitch broadcasts on mobile?

To delete a Twitch broadcast on mobile, open the Twitch app and go to your channel and click Videos. Then, delete any of the broadcasts you don’t want anymore.

Can you edit twitch clips on mobile?

Yes, you can edit Twitch clips on mobile.

How do I delete my clips?

You can delete your Twitch clips by going to the creator dashboard viewing the clips you’ve created under Content.

How do you delete Videos on mobile Twitch 2022?

To delete a video on the Twitch mobile app, first tap on the video to open it. Then, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. A menu will appear with the option to delete the video. Tap “Delete” to confirm.

How do you delete past broadcasts?

You can delete past broadcasts by selecting the broadcast you want to delete and then selecting the delete button.

How do I clear my continue watching on Twitch?

Currently, there is no way to clear your continue watching queue on Twitch.

How do I enable VoDs on Twitch Mobile?

Go to your Creator Dashboard>Settings tap Stream. Then you can toggle VODs on or off.

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