How to Get Free Amazon Prime Day $10 Credit


Are you always looking for the latest and greatest deal? For a limited time, Amazon is offering a free $10 credit for Prime Day.

Free Amazon Prime Day $10 Credit

When you see flash promotions for free gift cards online, they are usually a scam. However, Amazon Prime is breaking the mold and actually offering a real promotion to celebrate Amazon Prime Day 2022. This offer is eligible for Prime Members who can redeem the card on their website. Follow the steps below to get your free Amazon Prime Day $10 credit. 

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Day $10 Credit

To get your free Amazon Prime Day $10 credit: 

  1. Visit the Amazon Stampcard page. 
  2. Click the Activate Your Stampcard button on the page. 
    activate stamp card amazon prime day credit
  3. Purchase at least a $5 item to get the first stamp. 
  4. Visit Amazon Prime Video and stream any show or movie. 
  5. Stream a song on Amazon Music
  6. Click on any book in the Kindle Store and click the Read button. 

To get your Amazon Prime Day $10 free gift card credit, visit the Amazon Stampcard page and click the Activate Your Stampcard button. Buy at least $5 worth of products on Amazon, watch something on Prime Video, stream a song on Amazon Music and Read a book on the Kindle Store. 

Once you complete all the steps, your progress bar on the bottom of the Stampcard page will start to fill up. You should receive an email notification from Amazon once you’ve completed all the steps informing you that the credit has been added to your account.

When Does the Stampcard Promotion Expire? 

You can only get your Amazon Prime Day $10 Credit from Stampcards until July 13, 2022–so act fast. Once you complete all the steps above, the $10 credit will automatically appear in your account within 24 hours. 

The free credit expires in 365 days, or 1 year once you redeem it, so make sure that you use it on any products on the Amazon website before it expires.

To get all the info on Amazon Stampcard and your Amazon Prime Day $10 Credit, visit their terms of service page. We’ll keep you updated if there are any other free promotions happening on Amazon.

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