Where Is Pathfinder in Illustrator


Has your teacher asked you to use the Pathfinder tool? No idea where to find it? Here’s where the Pathfinder tool is in Illustrator.

Where Is Pathfinder in Illustrator

Pathfinder is a valuable tool that most practitioners of Adobe Illustrator should learn how to use. Pathfinder makes adding, subtracting, and combining elements a breeze. However, if you’ve worked in Illustrator for any period, you already know that the pure volume of tools can make it hard to use and navigate. Luckily, we have the solution to the question, “Where is the Pathfinder tool in Illustrator?”

Where Is Pathfinder in Illustrator

To find the Pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Click Window.
  2. Click Pathfinder.
  3. Hit Shift+Ctrl+F9 (Windows) or Shift+Cmd+F9 (Mac) as a shortcut for Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder tab should appear in your Illustrator screen’s bottom right. You now know how to access Pathfinder in Illustrator from the top menu or using the shortcut.

Watch the video below to learn all the uses of Pathfinder in Illustrator:


Where is Pathfinder in Illustrator CC?

Pathfinder is located in the Window drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

How do you pathfinder an image in Illustrator?

There are a few different ways to pathfinder an image in Illustrator. You can use the pen tool to draw a path around the image. Or, use the direct selection tool to select points on the image and then use the pathfinder panel to combine those points.

What is pathfinder tool Illustrator?

The Pathfinder tool is used to combine or subtract shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

Where is Pathfinder in Illustrator on IPAD?

Pathfinder is not available in Illustrator on iPad.

How do I add Pathfinder to my toolbar?

Go to Window>Pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator.

How do you use pathfinder in Illustrator 2021?

From the top menu, select Window > Pathfinder. In the Pathfinder panel, click on the first icon. Select the objects you want to merge and click on the Merge button. There are other uses for the Pathfinder tool you can experiment with!

What is the shortcut key of pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator?

Hit Shift+Ctrl+F9 (Windows) or Shift+Cmd+F9 (Mac) as a shortcut for Pathfinder.

Where is the pathfinder tool in Photoshop?

The pathfinder tool is under Window>Pathfinder.

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